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Nutrition & sports

You will be able to order our pharmacogenomic tests in our international online shop, which will be available  soon. Until then, if you wish to order our tests, please contact us.

Note: Please note that according to the Genetic Diagnostics Act, all tests in the categories "DNA and Diseases" and "DNA and Pharmaceuticals" must be conducted under medical supervision and written consent must also be acquired before your genes are analyzed. The order/consent form is included in each and every Dr. Seibt Genomics Kit.

Do you have any questions? Contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Nutrigenetic tests

□ Lactose tolerance (MCM6) 135.00 €
□ Fructose & lactose tolerance (ALDOB, MCM6) 180.00 €
□ DSG diet (8 markers) 349.00 €
□ DSG nutrition (more than 50 markers) 379.00 €
□ DSG nutrition & DSG diet (discounted package) 599.00 €
□ Gluten intolerance / celiac disease (HLA-DQ) 415.49 €
□ Histamine intolerance (DAO) 674.89 €
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