Hand steuert schwebende Zahnräder

Process of a genetic test

1. Counseling

a) Counseling for pharmacogenomic and diagnostic testing  For pharmacogenomic and diagnostic testing your family doctor can do the counseling. You can also make an appointment with one of our doctors. According to the German gene diagnostic act (GenDG) this kind of counseling is sufficient for clarifying a diagnosis for a disease or for pharmacogenomic testing before taking a new prescription medicine or for adjusting a dose. 
b) Genetic counseling for predictive genetic tests Predictive and pre-symptomatic genetic testing will be used to identify mutations associated with disorders which occur after birth and become symptomatic often as late as in adulthood. For this kind of analysis you need counseling with a specialized doctor according to the German gene diagnostic act (GenDG). You can make an appointment with one of our specialized doctors or ask your doctor if he is trained to perform genetic counseling. 

2. Order  After counseling and sufficient time for consideration the order can be placed and you need to sign a consent form. If you need a request for direct billing for your health insurance we are happy to provide this for you.  

3. DNA analysis The sample is taken by using the buccal swab kit provided by Dr Seibt Genomics. After receiving your sample the analysis in our in-house labs is started. 

4. Result and counseling   After DNA analysis we will interpret the results according to the latest health and scientific developments. All results and recommendations will be forwarded to your treating physician who will explain the results to you and develop a treatment or prevention strategy tailored to your specific needs.  

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