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How a DNA analysis works

The sequence of events in the various genetic tests is essentially the same, but differs in terms of the need for consultation and the processing time. The following points should be noted:

Four steps to the result

1. Consultation

Depending on the genetic test, one of the following consultation levels will be required:

a) No consultation for nutrigenomics (lifestyle tests) and somatic gene testing

For lifestyle tests, i.e. tests without any medical relevance, no separate consultation is required. This also applies to genetic tests that look for acquired (somatic) changes, as would be the case e.g. for tumor diagnostics.

b) Medical consultation for pharmacogenomics and simple genetic diagnostics

For pharmacogenomics and simple genetic diagnostics, medical advice is provided by your attending physician or, if requested, by our doctors locally. According to the Genetic Diagnostics Act (GenDG), this type of consultation is sufficient to clarify any suspected or existing medical conditions.

c) Genetic counseling with predictive genetic diagnostics

Predictive genetic diagnosis is performed when the patient is not yet suffering from the disease being tested. According to GenDG, the genetic diagnostic counseling is provided by a doctor having "qualification for genetic counseling", a specialist in human genetics or a human geneticist. or (if requested) by our specialist doctors locally.

2. Order

After the consultation and a reasonable time for consideration, the order will be carried out after consent has been acquired. All the required forms can be found in our Dr. Seibt Genomics Kit. If requested, we can assist you in creating an assumption of costs declaration for your insurance provider.

3. DNA analysis

The sample is simply taken using the cheek swab kit included in the Dr. med. Seibt Genomics Kit. After this step, just send us your sample in the enclosed envelope. After receiving your sample, we shall then begin the process of analysing your DNA.

4. Result and consultation

Immediately after deciphering the DNA information we require, an evaluation will be prepared based on the latest scientific findings and clinical studies. These results, including any recommendations, will be sent to your advising doctor. With the help of this information you will then be able to receive an optimized therapy.

Do you have any questions? Contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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