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Genetic nutrition from Dr. Seibt Genomics

Who isn’t aware of this? A sometimes identical diet can produce completely different effects in different people. Some people can enjoy coffee throughout the entire day and evening and have no problems sleeping. With other people, on the other hand, already the second cup of coffee after a meal leads to a racing heart or even problems falling to sleep at night. Why do some people, despite a hypercalorific diet, tend not to be overweight, while others have difficulty keeping their weight down despite having a balanced diet and eating few meals? Nutritional factors that have a lasting effect on our health can also be processed differently from person to person. A diet that leads to elevated cholesterol levels in one does not necessarily have the same effect in someone else.

Intensive research over the last few years has shown that these individual differences are rooted in our genetic make-up. Although all humans have over 99% of the same genetic blueprint, the organism of each human works very differently within just a small genetic range. It has been shown that our genes have an enormous influence on how nutrients are utilized during metabolism. On the basis of this knowledge, namely the influence of our genes on nutrient metabolism, a completely new science has sprung up known as nutrigenetics.

Nutrigenetics is the name given to the science that investigates the association between hereditary characteristics and nutrition. It shows that the individual genetic constitution of a human decides how the nutrients are absorbed and utilized by each individual. Some people are genetically "fat utilizers" who tolerate fat and protein well, but gain weight quickly with excessive carbohydrate intake. “Carbohydrate utilizers", on the other hand, hardly gain weight when carbohydrates are consumed, but with fat-containing diets they quickly gain weight.

Do you rely on a healthy diet? Do you want to avoid overweight and keep your weight down?

By analyzing your genes, we can tell you which diet is good or bad for you. You shall then get detailed recommendations for an optimal nutrition.

Advantages of genetic nutrition

Benefits of genetic nutrition for you

  • You shall receive assessments on approximately 900 foods according to the genes you have.
  • You will learn which micronutrients you need.
  • You will then be aware of the foods you need to eat more.
  • You will receive clear nutritional recommendations that will help you arrive at your optimal nutrition.

These genes will be analyzed

The following 57 genetic variants will be tested:

Gene Position
ADRB1 rs1801253
AGT rs699
APOA1 rs670
APOA5 rs662799
APOB rs5742904
APOE rs429358
APOE rs7412
CDH13 rs8055236
CETP rs708272
CFH rs1061170
CHDS8 rs1333049
Col1A1 rs1800012
COMT rs4680
CYP1A1 rs4646903
CYP1A2 rs762551
CYP1B1 rs1056836
ESR1 rs2234693
FTO rs9939609
GJA4 rs1764391
Gene Position
GNB3 rs5443
GPX rs1050450
GSTM1 Nullallel
GSTP1 rs1695
GSTT1 Nullallel
HFE rs1799945
HFE rs1800730
HFE rs1800562
HHEX rs1111875
HIGD1C rs12304921
HLA-DQ2.5 rs2187668
HLA-DQ8 rs7454108
HTRA1 rs11200638
IL10 rs1800872
IL1a rs1800587
IL6 rs1800795
ITGB3 rs5918
KCNJ11 rs5219
LCT rs4988235
Gene Position
LOC387715 rs10490924
MMP3 rs3025058
MTHFR rs1801133
MTRR rs1801394
NOS1AP rs16847548
NOS1AP rs12567209
NOS1AP rs10494366
NOS3 Indel Intron 4
NOS3 rs2070744
NOS3 rs1799983
NQO1 rs1800566
PON1 rs662
PON1 rs854560
PPARG rs1801282
SOD2 rs4880
SREBF2 rs2228314
TCF7L2 rs7903146
TNFa rs1800629
VDR rs1544410

No medical consultation is necessary for these nutrigenetic analyzes.

Your questions - our answers

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have, such as:

  • How do your genes influence which foods are particularly healthy or unhealthy for you?
  • How does your body react to certain nutrients and food ingredients, and which substances can it properly convert and utilize?
  • Which nutrients and food ingredients should be increasingly included in the diet and which should be avoided wherever possible?
  • What influence does your genetic profile have on the typical portion sizes of individual foods?
  • How should your optimal & healthy diet be made up?

Your result

The relevant genes are examined in you for variants that impact on your body weight. Once all the results from your genetic test package have been evaluated and judged, they are then delivered as a digital and a printed report.

As an extra option we can also offer to discuss all the statements and conclusions from the testing of your genes in a personal interview.

You will then be given optimal dietary recommendations to achieve your goals. In addition, we shall also show you the individual and diverse possibilities that exist for optimally utilizing your results.


You can order the gene test directly in our online store. We would also be pleased to advise you on a personal basis.

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