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The gene diet from Dr. Seibt Genomics

The body stores excess energy in the form of fat. This causes some people to accumulate fat in the form of "fatty pads". In our ancestors, this was necessary for survival because of the often very limited food supply. This was to ensure that even in meager times the body could be nourished.

However, severe overweight or obesity today represent a growing problem in industrialized countries. Many other major public health problems are also directly related to obesity. The main causes are an unhealthy lifestyle with malnutrition and lack of exercise, but the role of a genetic predisposition is now also becoming much clearer. Scientists assume that about 70% of overweight is actually inherited, i.e. of a genetic nature.

For those who have such a predisposition already from the cradle, maintaining a normal weight is much more difficult than it is for non-predisposed persons. Nevertheless, it is still important for everyone to reach and maintain a normal weight, as overweight represents a key risk factor for the development of many other diseases.

Knowing your own genetic variations and their effects can help each individual to understand which foods should be consumed more or less. In addition, it can also show what type and intensity of exercise will effectively activate the mechanism of burning fat in one's own body.

Are you planning a diet? Would you like to help yourself lose weight through a targeted exercise program?

The nutrigenetic test helps you to optimize your personal diet for reducing your excess weight. The test is based on data from a weight-loss study. In it, Stanford University scientists studied the genetic profile of the participating patients and selected and genetically analyzed those who had most success with their diets after receiving a low-carbohydrate, low-fat or balanced diet. More than 200 so-called single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) were examined and it was checked how these were correlated with the success of achieving weight reduction. 7 genes could be identified that had a strong influence on dietary success. These genes form the basis for the gene diet.

Advantages of the gene diet

Advantages of the gene diet for you

  • You shall be given a diet and exercise program tailored to your genes.
  • You know exactly what kind of sporting individual you are, so you can then adapt your training accordingly.
  • You will lose weight faster through your gene diet than would be the case with a standard program.
  • You know which foods are specifically suitable for you in order to lose weight.

These genes will be analyzed

The following 8 gene markers will be examined:

Gene Position
FABP2 rs1799883
PPARG rs1801282
ADRB2 rs1042713
ADRB2 rs1042714
ADRB3 rs4994
FTO rs9939609
APOA2 rs5082
APOA5 rs662799

No medical consultation is necessary for these nutrigenetic analyzes.

However, if you are overweight and have a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or higher, you should still consult a physician.

Your questions - our answers

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have, such as:

  • What makes it easier to lose weight: more exercise or less food?
  • How strongly do you respond to the yo-yo effect?
  • Is more power or more endurance exercise recommended?
  • How do you effectively build lean muscle and how does reducing your energy intake affect your muscle mass?

Your result

All relevant weight genes are analyzed for the variants that affect your body weight. After all the results from your genetic test package have been evaluated and judged, you will then receive these in the form of a digital and printed report.

As an extra option we can also offer to discuss all the statements and conclusions from the testing of your genes in a personal interview.

You will receive information about your personal exercise type and an individualized weight loss program. Along with our nutritional recommendations we shall also offer you an effective way to achieve your goals. In addition, we shall also show you the individual and diverse possibilities that exist for optimally utilizing your results.


You can order the gene test directly in our online store. We would also be pleased to advise you on a personal basis. 

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