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DNA and diseases

Detect a disease before you'll get it – Do you have any diseases which frequently run in your family? Do you know your personal risk to develop diabetes, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's disease, colon, breast or prostate cancer? Our predictive gene analysis will give you an answer about the risk of getting a certain disease. The knowledge of your predisposition to hereditary diseases is very useful for you. You can prevent these diseases or start a therapy early.

DSG Marker

□ Alpha 1 Antitrypsin deficiency (SERPINA1)
□ Alzheimer (late onset) (APOE)
□ Atherosklerosis risk (APOE)
□ Gilbert Syndrom (UGT1A1)
□ Hereditary haemochromatosis (HFE)
□ Histamine intolerance (DAO)
□ Hyperlipoproteinaemia (APOE)
□ Morbus Bechterew (HLA B27)
□ Morbus Crohn (IL23R, NOD2)
□ Parodontitis risk (Interleukin 1)

DSG Panel

□ DSG Adipo panel
□ DSG Alzheimer/Dementia panel
□ DSG BRCA1&2 panel
□ DSG BRCA1&2 ovarian cancer panel
□ DSG Cardio panel
□ DSG Derma panel
□ DSG Detox panel
□ DSG Diabetes Typ II panel
□ DSG inherited disease panel
□ DSG inherited disease panel ** selection
□ DSG Fem panel
□ DSG Glaucoma panel
□ DSG Health panel
□ DSG Capsular fibrosis panel
□ DSG Cancer hotspot panel
□ DSG Macula panel
□ DSG Osteo panel
□ DSG Pharmacogenomics panel
□ DSG Prostata panel
□ DSG Starter panel
** select up to three diseases

DSG Combi

□ APOECombi (APOE, Alzheimer, Atherosklerosis risk, Hyperlipoproteinaemia)
□ FrucLacCombi (ALDOB, MCM6)
□ ThromboCombi (Factor 2, Factor 5, PAI 1, MTHFR)
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