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Dr. Seibt Genomics not only offers high-quality scientific services, but also puts great stock in acquiring high-quality cooperation partners. We would like to express our gratitude for our trustworthy cooperation with our Partners.


Beta Klinik Logo

The Beta Clinic in Bonn is an international private clinic which currently has more than 20 specializations, and which is committed to conforming to the highest quality university level standards. Among other things, the clinic has a fully equipped surgical department, an angiography and intervention department, a recovery room with intensive treatment options, all the common diagnostic procedures and comprehensive inpatient care facilities.

The plastic surgeon Dr. Daniel Sattler, Head of Plastic Surgery at the Beta Clinic in Bonn, offers minimally invasive treatments and state-of-the-art surgical techniques in the field of plastic and cosmetic surgery. In addition, through his collaboration with Dr. Seibt Genomics he can also offer his patients state-of-the-art diagnostics before any treatment is carried out. The testing for an increased risk of capsular fibrosis is just one example.

Beta Genese Logo

Beta Genese is a private clinic which provides interdisciplinary psychosomatics. It offers a wide spectrum of treatments grounded in modern psychosomatic medicine. Depending on their needs, patients may be treated as private medical outpatients, or in a partially or indeed fully inpatient setting.




In addition to aesthetic medicine, the medical office “Praxis im Q6” specializes in anti-aging and preventive medicine. It is already advisable from one’s 30s to determine one’s individual risks through preventive medicine. This risk is determined by two factors: genetics and lifestyle. Timely self-care and lifestyle adjustment can reduce this risk. Genetic investigations are carried out in cooperation with Dr. Seibt Genomics.

The neurological practice in Südstadt Bonn offers a comprehensive range of diagnostics and therapeutics for neurological disorders of all kinds. At the highest technical level, discreetly and competently.




The Alte Apotheke in Bad Godesberg in the Koblenzer Straße has existed for more than 170 years. Located directly at the end of the Bahnhofstraße, it is a landmark of the Godesberg pedestrian zone. In 1997, the Alte Apotheke was taken over by Stefan Fröhling. Dr. Seibt Genomics is pleased to be working with the pharmacist Stefan Fröhling.

Dr. Seibt Genomics is pleased to be enjoying an excellent cooperation with the St. Martin Pharmacy in Bad Honnef-Selhof under the management of Ms. Goertz.

For 100 years, the staff of the Kronen-Apotheke in the heart of Oberkassel have proven to be competent partners in matters of health and can often help citizens with their medical questions quickly and easily. Dr. Seibt Genomics is pleased to be enjoying an excellent cooperation with the pharmacist Klaus Ruff who has been running the Kronen Apotheke since February 1995.



Scientific cooperation

The Center for Integrated Oncology Cologne in Bonn is an oncological center of excellence singled out by the German Cancer Aid organization (Deutschen Krebshilfe). A key concern of the CIO is the rapid translation of cancer research innovations into clinical practice.

Universität Bonn Logo

The Pharmacy Expert Group of the Rhine Friedrich-Wilhelms University of Bonn is an internationally respected research institute which, in addition to carrying out science and research, deals with the training of pharmacists.



Lifestyle and health

Visiolife - Health, Beauty & Lifestyle in the Federal District, a solution-oriented provider of mobility services and passive treatment procedures in the areas of ​​body figure optimization, skin improvement, weight reduction and health. In cooperation with Dr. Seibt Genomics, genetic influences on physical well-being can be tested and used to optimize quality of life.

Kameha Grand Bonn Logo

The Kameha Grand Hotel is located in the direct vicinity of Dr. Seibt Genomics and is one of the most exclusive hotels in Bonn. Because of its exceptional design and its location directly next to the Rhine, the Kameha Grand Hotel is a magnet for both private as well as business Events.

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