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Know your health

Important information about your future health is hidden in your DNA. Our job is to decode this knowledge for you.

Our new product range!

Optimal nutrition and effective healthy weight loss - the key to success lies in your genes!

Gene diet

By analyzing the DNA in your saliva sample, Dr. Seibt genomics determines what gene diet type you are. You will get extensive nutrition tips and recommendations for an effective exercise program. You can then target your desired weight using your individually tailored gene diet.




Genetic nutrition

A healthy diet should be the ultimate goal! Because it forms the basis for a fulfilling life - and all this deep into old age! You will learn how to nourish yourself optimally. By analyzing more than 50 genetic variants, we will be able to tell you the foods that are good or bad for you.

More news

Here you can find selected articles and reports about Dr. Seibt Genomics.

Genetic test for tamoxifen

Learn more about our Dr. Seibt Genomics Tamoxifen test and how it is being applied.

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